History of formation and development

With the desire to bring to the social community elite products that contribute to a better life, GOLD WIN AXL CO., LTD. has devoted its whole heart to researching, designing and producing products. highest quality products. For us, health is the universal key in your life. Therefore, we have accompanied foreign research experts to produce products that are good for health.

Nowadays, when mentioning AXL, people will immediately think of products like

–       Dishwashing liquid
–       Washing powder
–       Washing liquid
–       Fabric softener
–       Dishwashing liquid…

With the resources of a team of staff who are well-trained, experienced, and dedicated to the profession and the social community. AXL company’s products have gradually dominated the domestic market, as well as other countries around the world such as: Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, Taiwan, China, Korea, Laos, Cambodia. chia,… because we have applied the latest achievements of science in production to produce the best products..

Coming to AXL company, you will receive satisfaction and daily health care through each product as well as the dedication of each staff team in the company.

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