AXL laundry detergent LOVELY scent 2 liters


Thai Lan technology laundry detergent

Lovery laundry detergent uses superior technology to increase the effectiveness of cleaning ink stains, grease stains, and food stains without the need for bleach, avoiding unpleasant odors and discoloration caused by bleach.

Barcode: 8938553439034

AXL laundry detergent LOVELY scent 2 liters


Product Description

Lovery laundry detergent applies advanced Thai technology with many outstanding advantages of super clean cleaning, pleasant and long-lasting fragrance, Lovery laundry detergent promises to be a powerful friend of the housewife. take care of family

Soften fibers and retain fragrance for a long time with water.

Protects hand skin, prevents dry hands and eats hands.

Saves housewives’ time, giving you free time to take better care of your family.

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