Bright laundry detergent 3.8kg


Thai Lan technology laundry detergent

The product with a gentle fragrance will be the mother’s optimal choice to help keep the baby’s clothes smelling fresh all day long.

Barcode: 8938553439034

Bright laundry detergent 3.8kg


Product Description

Bright laundry detergent

Outstanding advantages

  • The product does not irritate baby’s skin, ensuring absolute safety when used;
  • Softening formula with natural origin, helps the fabric structure recover, does not dry out, makes it spongy and soft when in contact with baby’s skin;
  • The gentle, long-lasting floral scent leaves your baby’s clothes fragrant all day long;
  • The product has a neutral pH so it is very gentle on mother’s skin and does not damage clothes;
  • Strict production process, meeting high quality standards.

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