Pristine laundry detergent 3.8kg


Thai Lan technology laundry detergent

Leaves a long-lasting fragrance on clothes. Safe for the whole family’s skin

Barcode: 8938553439041

Pristine laundry detergent 3.8kg


Product Description

AXL Pristine scented laundry detergent, with a completely new formula that helps detergent particles dissolve easily in water, quickly removes stubborn stains and odors from clothes. Protects fabric color, helping clothes always look like new. Leaves a long-lasting fragrance. Safe and gentle for the whole family’s skin

  • Quickly cleans stubborn stains, antibacterial on fabric fibers, effectively deodorizes without leaving alkaline or chemical residue.
  • Detergent particles easily dissolve in water, providing deep cleaning while also saving water.
  • Long-lasting fragrance thanks to millions of scent particles with a unique, modern fragrance, helping to keep clothes soft and protect fabric color to always look like new.
  • Ingredients ensure safety for users’ health and are completely environmentally friendly.

Scent: Delicate, modern, luxurious scent

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