Lemon scented dishwashing liquid

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Thai Lan technology dishwashing liquid

The product has very good antibacterial properties so it not only cleans dishes and cups but also fights bacteria that exist on dishwashing detergent.

Lemon scented dishwashing liquid

Product Description

Lemon scented dishwashing liquid

Not a cleaning chemical, AXL dishwashing liquid is formulated as a surface separator so it can clean all contact surfaces, returning a shiny surface to kitchen items such as dishes and glassware. crystal, porcelain, stainless steel,..

The faint, pleasant scent makes housework more comfortable and easier. Unlike other products on the market that often leave a chemical smell after washing, with AXL, dishes and cups are always ready to use immediately without leaving chemicals on the surface of the utensils, so Especially suitable for washing baby bottles, tea pots, coffee pots, wine glasses, etc.

With a particularly effective formula, AXL products are very economical. Just use 1 small spoon of solution mixed with 1 liter of water for 1 use to clean a stack of dishes.

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